ELVIS - Extra Large room

All sessions in Elvis are $110

Room dimensions: extra large – approx 6.3 x 10m (irregular shape)

This room is huge. It has a lounge area, a drum riser, a big P.A., two foldback sends, a bar fridge, leather couches, mood lighting and plush red velvet curtains. The King of all rooms. Heating and airconditioning.



Allen & Heath Zed 16fx


FOH SPEAKERS               

2 x JBL 18 inch bins with separate horns

FOH POWER AMPS            

Quest QA1004 (highs)
Yamaha P-2200 (lows)

FOH EQ                              

Yamaha graphic EQ 


FOLDBACK SPEAKERS                

2 x lorantz full range wedges on  2 sends

FOLDBACK POWER AMPS                       

Quest 3004 power amp