Film Location

Bakehouse Studios has been used for many years for various film and photographic projects.

Please contact the studio on (03) 94171271 or email for a quote for filming at Bakehouse Studios. All filming needs written prior permission.
Filming for the following projects have taken place at Bakehouse Studios:

Interview excerpts from this shoot were also used on the Rowland S. Howard documentary ‘Autoluminescent’, filmed by Ghost Pictures (Richard Lowenstein).

The following bands have used our spaces for film clips:

Augie March ('Hole in Your Roof' & 'Lupus')

Shot downstairs at the Bakehouse Lane Fitzroy studios.

Persecution Blues

Persecution Blues: The Battle for The Tote (2011) (Natalie Van Den Dungen)

In 2010, the iconic Tote Hotel - last bastion of Melbourne’s vibrant music counterculture - was forced to close by unfair laws. Filmed over 7 years, “Persecution Blues” depicts the struggle of more than 20,000 fans - and the bands who inspire them - to preserve their history and protect their future, and puts the audience on the front line of an epic-scale culture war.