FLOYD - Large room

All sessions in the Floyd room are $100

Room dimensions: large – approx. 5.6m x 5.5m

The Floyd room is a tight sounding space large enough for 10 to 12 piece bands. During the day the room is flooded with natural light from the west-facing windows. The walls adorned with original print from artist Emily Floyd

R. Gors & Kallmann Berlin Upright Piano can be hired for $25 per session in the Floyd room. If a specific tuning is required a fee of $100 will be charged which includes the hire fee.  



Allen and Heath Zed16fx

FOH SPEAKERS               

2 x Combo boxes with 18 inch drivers and horns with HF gain control

FOH POWER AMPS            

Quest QA 3004

FOH EQ                              

DBX 231s graphic EQ

FOLDBACK SPEAKERS                

2 x Yamaha full range boxes on 2 sends

FOLDBACK POWER AMPS                       

Altec anniversary edition power amp